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L’occhiello dell’immortale testo di Giordano recita La tragedia del treno causata da tre ciotole. Però nel pezzo di ciotole non si fa cenno. O il titolista le ha confuse con i ciottoli di cui Mariolino parla diffusamente nell’articolo, oppure si stanno preparando all’edizione di domani, con Il mistero delle ciotole scomparse..

In the last two seasons, the directional designer Phoebe Philo has managed to take a brand in a new stylistic direction: lines are simpler, and proportions are renewed. In her third collection, she’s radicalized new volumes and revisited the concepts of utility and comfort, starting with classic shapes (the men’s shirt, the tunic, the caftan, the T shirt, the long vest, the “roomy” men’s trousers, the straight, wrap around skirt) and she continues to revise “basic foundations”. The collection is sophisticated, elegant and essential without the “wow factor” or sexual energy of the earlier collections, but balanced by a loose touch and material elements (quilting, hand crafted textures) and maintains the typical “cool” Phoebe factorcalf length skirts, trousers with long hems that cover the shoeswhite, denim, china blue, brown leather, white/green/blue/coral stripes, foulard printsdenim, canvas, cotton poplin, silk, silk cady, parachute silk, nappa, silk cr precise cuts and lines, total white as the dominant colour.

1 And he said, discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death. Jesus said, who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. Look around and look at the world that we have created and continue to create. When not examined, our unconscious will ruin us. When integrated, it will elevate and empower us.

Robert Stevenson poem “The moon has a face like the clock in the hall;/She shines on thieves on the garden wall,/On streets and fields/and harbour quays” is brought to life by illustrator Tracey Campbell Pearson. She turns this poem about the moon and the world at night into a story where a father wakes up the boy (or girl with short hair it could go either way) and takes him out on a nighttime adventure. They say goodbye to mommy and the baby, but take the dog and cat along.

1812KbAbstractI film sottili di spessore nanometrico hanno peculiari proprietà fisiche non immediatamente riconducibili a quelle dei corrispondenti sistemi macroscopici. La loro dimensione ridotta in una direzione spaziale, combinata con metodi di preparazione specifici, consentono di realizzare materiali compositi termodinamicamente instabili in fase estesa, le cui proprietà ottiche e magnetiche dipendono dalla specifica nanostruttura. Ne è un esempio la lega bimetallica Au Co.

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